Industrie Consult International M&A Gmbh

Founded in 1991, Industrie Consult International M&A GmbH, Dusseldorf, is an independent internationally operating management consultancy that specializes in Mergers & Acquisitions. Industrie Consult acts in an advisory capacity to medium-sized businesses and entrepreneurial families as well as to large-scale businesses and handles all stages of the envisaged transactions (complete to partial acquisitions and divestments to either financial or strategic investors; raising of equity/bank finance). Industrie Consult also advises its clients on management buy-outs/buy-ins, leveraged buy-outs, transformations, joint ventures and cooperations.


Schadowstr. 11b
40212 D?sseldorf
t +49 02 11 865 23 0
f +49 02 11 865 23 25

Rudiger Goll, Founder and Managing Partner

After having completed his studies with a degree in economics at the University of Siegen, Rudiger Goll first worked for Volksbank Siegen as credit clerk. Later on he joined Bayerische Vereinsbank in as corporate accounts officer at its new branch in Dusseldorf. He acted in an advisory capacity to both medium-sized businesses and big international groups of companies.
He then joined Banque Paribas where he built up the bank's German and international M&A business and became the sector's managing director.
In 1991 Rudiger Goll founded Industrie Consult. He is the company's managing partner and also the co-founder of the international euroMerger Group.

Herbert Bucking, Partner

Before joining Industrie Consult in 2001 Herbert Bucking worked for Citibank Group at its international locations in the 1970s/1980s. He acted in an advisory capacity to multinational conglomerates (focus: international banking) and was also responsible for treasury management.
He then worked for the WestLB Group (focus: corporate/investment banking). He mainly serviced medium-sized clients and handled primary capital market transactions.
As partner of Industrie Consult he advises clients on carrying out both domestic and international M&A transactions (focus: logistics, services, construction, machinery and equipment).

Heinrich V. Gattineau, Partner

Heinrich V. Gattineau graduated from university with a degree in business economics. He then worked for the RMC Group as finance director of RMCE, the Continental Holding of the RMC Group.
In the 1980ies he joined Gerresheimer Glas as finance director and later became member of the management of Deutsche Beteiligungsgesellschaft, a subsidiary of Deutsche Bank Group.
In 1995 he joined Industrie Consult as partner and acts in an advisory capacity to primarily medium-sized clients focusing on services, private label, pet food and accessories as well as media groups.

Prof. Dr. Timo Schinkothe, Partner

After graduating in biology incl. IT Prof. Dr. Schinkothe became a graduate Doctor of Medicine and worked at the oncology clinic of the University of Cologne for several years.
He has been active in the business world for many years, e.g. as Managing Director of the companies TumorTec GmbH, TIAN Medical Consulting GbR and Evimed Online GmbH.
He taught at different universities, both at home and abroad. At present he teaches at the Ludwig-Maximilian-University in Munich and also heads the Institute of Innovation and Medicine, Munich.
Prof. Dr. Schink?the joined Industrie Consult in 2012 and primarily advises German and international clients involved in the health care and IT sector.

Dr. Wolfgang Lenoir, Partner

After having graduated from Rheinische Friedrich Wilhelms Universitat, Bonn, with a degree in physics (doctorate: plasma physics), he joined companies such as Carl Freudenberg, Brose, Vereinigte Kunststoffwerke and EMS Chemie.
Dr. Lenoir then got active in the M&A business, first as Managing Director/Partner of Steiger Engineering AG, later as Managing Director of ATCO Duesseldorf, a private equity company. He then joined NatWest Equity Partners in London which later became Bridgepoint Capital Ltd. He was one of Bridgepoint's co-founders and Managing Director of Deutsche Beteiligungsgesellschaft.
In 2006 Dr. Lenoir joined Industrie Consult on a project-by-project basis.

Hans-Joachim Driessen, Partner

Hans-Joachim Driessen joined Industrie Consult in 2012. He has got long-standing professional experience in executive positions. He was director of corporate development at Kohne und Nagel International, one of the leading logistic companies located in Switzerland. Furthermore, he was managing director of LTU Airlines and the LTU tour operating companies. Moreover, he was speaker of the management of the Kl?h Group, an international multi service provider focusing on facility management. He contributed significantly to the international expansion of the Kluh Group to e.g. United Arab Emirates, China, India etc. and thus made it one of the most renowned global players in this market segment.

Henning Kurbis, Partner

Henning Kurbis is a trained bank clerk and studied business psychology at Westfàlische Wilhelms Universitàt in Mùnster.
After that he worked for various banks in the field of organizational development, corporate finance and strategic consulting.
Later on he worked for Bankhaus Merck Finck & Co. as director of the bank's own management consultancy. He was in charge of Merck Finck?s nationwide corporate banking and trust activities in North-Rhine-Westphalia.
In September 2010 Mr. Kurbis joined Industrie Consult as partner. He specializes in medical technology, biotechnology and nanotechnology as well as pharmaceutics, real estate and raw materials.

Benjamin Steinkruger, Partner

Benjamin Steinkruger joined Industrie Consult in 2012. He primarily acts in an advisory capacity to medium-sized businesses involved in the manufacturing sector.
Before that he worked as a consultant for a renowned management consultancy specializing in advising companies in difficult situations. Until 2011 he acted in an advisory capacity to medium-sized German companies of the automobile supply industry, wood processing industry as well as the real estate and media sector.
He also assisted his clients with M&A transactions after or during the restructuring process.

Damon Xian, Partner

Damon Xian graduated from Peking University, Beijing, P.R.C. He worked for China International Capital Corporation (CICC) and was also active in the field of investment banking and M&A in China for more than 10 years.
Over the past years, Damon Xian has helped several Chinese companies on their M&A transactions in USA, Europe and Asia (focus: aviation, manufacturing, real estate and consumer goods).
As partner of Industrie Consult, which he joined in 2014, he is responsible for the China-related business, primarily incl. advisory services to Chinese investors' outbound M&A transactions in Europe and European companies which are willing to expand their business in China.